Battle of Britain (Part 2): The COVID Blitz

What makes you angrier: seeing someone break your perceived understanding of the rules in regards to the current lockdown or the fact the Government haven’t done near enough testing throughout this crisis?  

If the first scenario makes you angrier, you have been duped. You have become another slave to the propaganda machine.  South Korea have a very similar population to the UK and has had 225 deaths and has not issued a lockdown. People are still mingling and businesses are open.  Think about it, 225 deaths in South Korea without a lockdown and nearly 13000 deaths in the UK with a lockdown.  It’s all about testing. It’s vitally important the UK adheres to social distancing now, but things could have been very different if our Government took action much sooner. 

South Korea have tested roughly 150,000 more people than the UK. And with every positive test there has been a clear methodology of isolating that person from the population to stop the spread. The more you test the easier it is to track what’s happening.  Knowledge is power. The more you know, the easier it is to solve a problem.  It’s not rocket science. If a pandemic expert strongly advises that countries should be testing, testing, testing then I would assume that’s the best course of action.  Which is why our Government has been woeful and incompetent.  Excuse after excuse has been rolled out, but the glaring fact is, they have not been prepared.  

Johnson is a terrible PM.  Instead of enabling the NHS to test a many people as possible he sat on a sofa on morning television and said the population should, “Take it on the chin,” and allow the virus to spread through the population. He signed the death sentences of tens of thousands of people. Trump has done exactly the same thing. History will not forgive their negligence. No amount of Facebook memes deifying them will be able to drown out the countless deaths they enabled. 

It’s disgusting that through inaction and apathy from our leaders we now have at least 40 NHS staff dead and through apathy and inaction of testing there are thousands of people dying but not recorded in official statistics. It is a national scandal and Britain is fighting for its soul through this coronavirus blitz. 

Battle of Britain: The COVID blitz

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