The Battle of Britain

The Government has failed its people. It isn’t failing; it isn’t making great efforts – it has failed. The only Herculean effort it is making is its smoke and mirrors distraction from the truth.  This pandemic has laid bare their incompetence. 

Anyone who decries such criticism as not being the time for politicising the crisis either doesn’t understand how society works or is being deliberately obtuse .  How crises are handled is directly linked to the political ideology or a Government or leader. If the leader has evolutionary humanistic ideology (like the Nazi party did) then this pandemic will be viewed as nature taking its natural course and survival of the fittest will be the outcome. “If they die, they die.” There will be no real need to try and stop what’s happening, just let it sweep through the population and the best and brightest will live. 

On the other hand, if your government has a social democratic ideology they will view the entire population as equals and all their lives as sacred and will initiate measures to protect everyone from the virus. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Adhern is a social democrat.  

If your country is governed by neoliberal ideology then the focus of the crisis will be the market.  The plummet of stock prices will be more important to the leaders than the rise in mortality. The question on their lips will be, ‘How do we save the market?’ People’s lives will be a lesser concern.  

So it’s vitally important to realise that how a crisis will be dealt with is because of politics, not in spite of politics. NHS staff have been unable to access adequate PPE because of a nationalistic ideology that didn’t want help from Europe.  Dominic Cummings has written publicly with very pro-eugenics viewpoints, which would therefore directly correlate with why our Government promoted herd immunity in March.  “If they die, they die.”

The Battle of Britain is very much alive; it is a battle for its soul. We can either be fawning plebs, gushing over our glorious leader (who has been utterly inept) or we can look around us and instead of blaming each other and allowing scapegoating propaganda to influence us, we can hold those elected to serve us to actual account and demand they treat those on the frontline with the respect, care, equipment and compassion they truly deserve.

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