Meme Wars

Her words feel like she’d kicked me in the knackers.  Funniest guy I’ve ever met.  At that moment I would rather have heard her ask me to watch them both engage in fellatio.  How had I become the runner-up in the funny man stakes? 

Ted the Twat

Ted went bright red, his nostrils flared and his mouth pursed.  His mouth reminded me of a hairy arsehole, all pursed lipped like that and wispy hair around his top lip.  I thought about voicing my observation but he was still trying to process the fact I had called him a cunt. 

Take Yourself Away

Take yourself away my beautiful one.Take yourself away from the thoughts of disdain,And vanquish the cloudy lack of worth,To see the gorgeous person you have become.Don’t be swept up in the lies of insecurity,Where you’re battered and gasping for air,Worrying if you have any strength or quality,Because I am swept up in who you are. Take…… Continue reading Take Yourself Away