About Tom

Oysterman. Author. Father. Fiancé.

Tom was born in Essex and he and his identical twin were adopted into an oyster farming family when they were four months old.  Tom now runs the family’s business as generation eight of oyster cultivators.  He lives with his fiancée, Gemma, and they have a baby girl and a cockapoo.   

Tom has an MA in Creative writing and regularly writes about how Brexit has impacted small businesses such as his family’s.  The Path of Chaos (Cinnabar Moth Publishing) is his debut novel, which will be released August 2023, with the sequel in 2024 and the trilogy’s conclusion in 2025. 

What People Say

Tom Haward has a gift for writing fully realized honest characters in dynamic worlds that draw you in and keep you reading. He is a brilliant storyteller.

Kisstopher Musick Head of Marketing, Cinnabar Moth Publishing LLC

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