Brexit, Viruses and Humanity

I did an interview with NBC news, the American news corp. They got in touch asking if I would share my thoughts, as an exporter and manager of a small business, on Brexit and its potential impact. Before we get to the interview though, it struck me how contentious to even share thoughts about Brexit are nowadays because Brexit has dehumanised us all. We see tribes. We see enemies. We don’t see fellow humans anymore. Either you’re on one side or the other and therefore a friend or foe.

I have been debating sharing the interview simply because people have become so divided, aggressive and blinkered by Brexit. It’s ruptured relationships and I do wonder if, even when this political maelstrom finally finishes, how much vitriol will continue?

It made me think about a scene in the 1999 film The Matrix when Agent Smith is interrogating Morpheus and describes his view of humanity:

The divisiveness of Brexit has made people see each other in an extremely disconnected and dehumanised way. I’m guilty of it. “Are you a Leaver or Remainer?” We’re judging people on one thing making them lesser humans in the process. Brexit has made us forget that we’re more than a vote.

This uncertain time has been tricky to navigate as a business because with so many unknown factors I’ve had to prepare for many different scenarios. I’m pleased I have as I feel I have educated myself about various perspectives but ultimately it’s cost a lot and still leaves a big question-mark. Hopefully those question-marks will become firm answers in the near future. Anyhow, here’s the interview which is a video and an article:

Mo Abbas / NBC News

The business future for some small businesses is definitely uncertain in the coming months regardless of your views on Brexit; I do hope though our ability to see each other in humane ways doesn’t continue to have that same uncertainty.

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